Learning Ext JS

Build dynamic, desktop-style user interfaces for your data-driven web applications

By using a series of straightforward examples backed by screenshots, Learning Ext JS will help you create web applications that look good and perform beyond the expectations of your users.

As more and more of our work is done through a web browser, and more businesses build web rather than desktop applications, users want web applications that look and feel like desktop applications. Ext JS is a JavaScript library that makes it (relatively) easy to create desktop-style user interfaces in a web application, including multiple windows, toolbars, drop-down menus, dialog boxes, and much more. Both Commercial and Open Source licenses are available for Ext JS.

Ext JS has the unique advantage of being the only client-side UI library that also works as an application development library. Learning Ext JS will help you create rich, dynamic, and AJAX-enabled web applications that look good and perform beyond the expectations of your users.

From the building blocks of the application layout, to complex dynamic Grids and Forms, this book will guide you through the basics of using Ext JS, giving you the knowledge required to create rich user experiences beyond typical web interfaces. It will also provide you with the tools you need to use AJAX, by consuming server-side data directly into the many interfaces of the Ext JS component library.

By: Shea Frederick, Steve 'Cutter' Blades, Colin Ramsay & Nigel White


...Great book! I recommend it to anyone into ExtJS

...meticulous, hands on and to the point. very "why" focused. brilliant!

Book Reviews

Loiane Groner: "...very hands on, and it is very practical...will explain everything you need to know to start developing with ExtJS and they cover all the major Ext components. It covers all of the major features of the Ext framework using interactive code and clear explanation coupled with loads of screenshots."

NCZOnline: "I found Learning Ext JS to be one of those rare technical books that truly understands it audience and what it's trying to communicate. Most of the points are very clear and well-explained, and I learned a lot about the advantages of Ext JS in comparison to other major libraries. The widgeting system is truly impressive and this book does a great job at walking you through that system to create rich application interfaces. On top of that, it was enjoyable to read with a lot of information packed in. If you're looking to learn about Ext JS, this is a great book to pick up."

Monday by Noon: "I thought this book was an excellent walkthrough of the ins and outs of Ext JS, and I feel comfortable enough to scope out a project with which to use it. I'd like to give the framework a proper tire-kicking, and I'm glad to have read this book prior to doing so."

Geek Book: "I've found that Learning Ext JS has been a valuable resource in taking what is a great resource and allowing me to get the most out of it more rapidly than I would have otherwise."

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